Thursday, November 3, 2011



Have you ever set and thought about what Christ has done for you? Now, I'm not just talking about on the Cross. I'm talking about today, yesterday, or last week.

So often we think about the Cross and how he gave his live. But how often do we embrace His love this very day. At most it's on Sunday's during our "worship" times.

As I was having my quite time this morning I was just reminded of a friend and how much I value his friendship. And I really began to pray for him. And as I was praying I wanted him to know and understand God's love for him today.

Why is it that we go through our day and not recognize the biggest blessing in our lives: God's love?

One thing that hit me this morning is that I believe in my own life that if I truly comprehended Christ love for me; that I would forever worship and honor Him. Not just during those times of church or quite times. But forever throughout my day. Forever worship Him! That I wouldn't wait for Heaven, but I would truly make my life about worshipping him forever. We seek to honor the God who is worthy of the highest glory.

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