Friday, August 27, 2010

Burning Question: Do You Hate

As I was surfing the world wide web, I came across this video. Now, please hear me when I say, I don't support nor would I recommend you watching or listing to any stand-up material that comes from Mr. Penn and Teller, but in this rare instance, Mr Teller speaks truth that I think we can all learn from..

Knowing that Penn is not quiet about his Atheistic views, the title had me thinking; "Has he given his life to Jesus Christ?" "How awesome would that testimony be?"

Well, I didn't hear him profess to giving his life as a believer, nor did I hear him say that he believes in Christ. But what he does say makes me think about the way I see others.

Take about 5 minutes and listen to his experience with a professing Christian, and then the point he makes about sharing your faith.

"How much do you have to hate someone, not to tell them about eternal life..." As I watched this and listened to his comments I began to see people in my own life that I love and care about very deeply. How much it would pain me to watch them suffer. How I would do anything to keep them from getting hit by a bus barreling down the street. How I could never just sit back and do nothing. All these thoughts. All these questions. All these images of desperate attempts to reach out. And yet, one thing kept resonating with me; "how much do you have to hate someone?"

I wouldn't say that I hate anybody. Maybe just the NY Yankees, but who doesn't? But I honestly can't think of anybody that I hate. Now, when Penn says, asks the daunting question of hate, my mind immediately began asking a burning question that I would urge you to consider. If you're a follower of Christ and have this free gift of eternal life; if you know the power that is in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, what is stopping you from sharing it? You may never sit and watch someone get hit by a bus, but everyday we sit back and watch our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family take one step closer to a forever in Hell.

I was saddened to not hear Mr. Penn say that he had given his life to Christ. But don't miss this point.

Those people you talk with on a daily basis, the ones that live as though God doesn't exist, that family member that you know isn't a believer, or that neighbor that sleeps in on Sunday; how much do you hate them? Before you answer, contemplate your actions, and then ask - What's the difference?


neal said...

Great stuff. May have to "steal" this for something I might teach on. Keep the great posts coming.

neal said...

Great stuff. May have to "steal" this for something I might teach on. Keep the great posts coming.