Monday, August 16, 2010

In the meantime...

SO it has been a year now, that we have been in this transition period. That makes it about eleven months longer than I ever thought I would be here.

When my wife and I left our church, we imagined that we would send our a few resumes, get the word out in our ministry community, and we would have multiple offers by the end of the week.

Boy were we wrong.

We did, however, take a position as an interim youth pastor at a budding young church plan and we had the awesome opportunity of serving there for eight months. While most of our experience has been with large 100+ youth groups, this was an opportunity to begin a youth ministry from the ground up. It was often challenging and often difficult, but the rewards were immense. We saw young, unchurched teenagers begin attending our weekly Wednesday night service and we saw lives transformed.

I wish I had began this blog at the beginning of our journey so that I could have captured for myself, and for my readers, the amazing things God has done for my family and I this past year.

Do not be fooled. It has not been all smiles and roses. In fact, it has been anything but. There have been moments of true despair and weakness as we have felt hopeless and without direction. It has been those moments, of pure desperation, that have brought us to the most vulnerable times with the Lord. Time were my wife and I have cried out to him and surrendered our hopes, our dreams, and our desires. Times when we have begged him to show up in our lives and to give us direction.

While this journey is not over for us, we are encouraged. We are encouraged that God has already established, even before our being, His will and plan for us. We are going to remain faithful to Him and to His purposes until the end. Things are always looking up when you have God on our side.

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